The power behind the mystery.

Send The Rain Prayer

We’re in a battle that started before we arrived here. It will be here when we die barring the Lord’s return. I know that on my own I can not battle. I found the key to victory.  In my mind prayer is how I confirm my orders (God’s Word). It is where I confirm my arsenal (God’s power) by trusting Him with what I can only know by His Word. I can trust it sigh unseen because of His Word.

Fervent prayer, not wish list praying. I’m talking prayers where I acknowledge how wrong I am and how right and powerful God is. Prayer where I specifically call out to God to open cold dark places and expose my heart and mind so that it is aware and alert to complacency, which leads to decline.

Prayer where I relentlessly fall into the skillful hands  of the triune Godhead like a patient in an operating room. Where I acknowledge that I can’t do anything in the kingdom agenda for good and for God, without His unbridled participation.

Prayers that once prayed, are emboldened in my heart to know that I just came from the throne of grace where I received mercy instead of justice.

Prayer the only vehicle in my life that activates God’s intention for me as it understood by His Word.

Prayer A wonderful mystery  that partners God with me in a personal and identifiable way that glorifies Him.

As this battle has ramped up on the world’s stage I can only see two things that will keep me. Obedience and humility as I engage God in His Word and prayer. It’s my life line to Faith.

Life is tough but love is stronger.

Life is tough but LOVE IS STRONGER 
Sometimes we are so underwhelmed by God and overwhelmed by life that we lose precious sight of the power of God’s love. God’s love can flow into relationships and heal them even if they appear dead to the world. Love can take a person from pitiful to priceless, it redeems, revives, restores and resurrects. To believe anything less would be to deny my own life. This year my life has changed so much just from being loved by God and others. I still have hopes and dreams of more change as I wake up and rely on Truth instead of the lies of the world. Eternally I am secure and earthly I am confident that my life matters to GOD and his love can sustain my heart forever. His Spirit is a constant guide that never leaves me. Eph 3:20 I defer to his imagination for me and can’t wait to see what is next. I have nothing to fear and everything I need. I hope to share this with everyone I meet. Faith, hope and love …. the greatest is love.   

Life is not about me.

Although no amount you care changes much if the other person doesn’t care. People are not an experiment to fit into and out of my life. Since they matter to GOD they matter to me. So my role isn’t about giving up or giving in. It is about investing what I can in someone and leaving the results up to GOD. The very minute I see someone as a convenience or inconvenience, I have ceased to love them and instead have found a way to need them to bolster me. NOPE that’s not ministry. GOD is my bolster and my provider. I always need to be a light out and light in the darkness by pointing people to my Jesus. After all he is my light out and my light in. I don’t have all the answers. As a matter of fact I have more questions than answers these days. How can I be more light? How can I love more? How can I get out of my own way more? How can I serve a GOD who loves me passionately in a way that glorifies HIM more? Yeah, I know the medicine that got me well keeps me well and if you stick around I can walk toward Jesus with you. Dear Ones out there reading this. Don’t do life alone. GOD has a plan and wants his will for your life. 


Overcome Back Story

Every single day we are writing our testimony, the story or our love relationship with GOD and the things the world does to try to stop us. Sometimes the world wins, or at least sometimes for me it does. BUT and that’s the power of the CROSS… but GOD always wins. No matter how frail I can be GOD is not frail. And my testimony to date is “she persisted.” This lamb always goes back to what HE did for me, to what GOD is to me, and to what Jesus is in me. Why would we expect it not to be messy? Our salvation came through a bloody messy cross and glorious resurrection. IN ONE WEEK that changed the future, the disciples saw their perfect HOPE hang on a tree and die in shame and rise again in victory. In one week it all changed. SO I cling to that hope, to that grace that what I am going through is just a hard week and that JESUS is coming back for me and that I can overcome by his blood. That WEEK trumps all my weeks, all my seasons and all my years. I stand on the promise and have to say to Satan, not this girl, not this day not even this week. I am God’s child and you can’t have me. To my Father I ask, “ABBA I am yours and you are mine, protect me and lead me because I can’t lead myself. “I run to him. There’s no where else to go. HE has the WORDS of LIFE and I want to live the life he prepared for me. SO there it is. You have to trust is something bigger than yourself, GOD.

Overcome Song. Click here and rest in what GOD can do.

I have no where else to go.

Under His Wings by the Ruppes

You could look back at my life from 2 different viewpoints. If you look at it from the perspective of what the world would say about it. You’d say what a mess. How did all that happen to one person? If you look at it from an eternal perspective you would say, wow every step of the way GOD was teaching her and helping her see what she couldn’t. Here’s the quick of it all. My being here is a miracle. I don’t have it all figured out and it is not easy to live in my shoes but two things I have learned. When I make mistakes or bad choices I am not forsaken. I am tracked by GOD who loves me infinitely, most of the time in spite of me.

I know there are only two things that have saved my life this far. The first is the powerful, complete and soul satisfying Word of God. It tells me what I need to hear and what I don’t want to hear concerning me. It tells me the truth when the world will lie to me to keep me stuck. The other is the fact that I refuse to give up on God’s promise.  I said a long time ago and I say it still. Not this girl, not this day. I am not giving up on the promises of GOD. I am not giving up on what I can’t see.

That’s where we bog down, we want to see it to believe it. I have seen so many times GOD has been reliable, faithful and true there’s no need to see it. I just walk toward it in faith. The promise is all I have until Heaven and I am staking my life on it.  If you can see it you don’t need faith for it.

My life isn’t even in the shadow of where I’d like it to be by temporal standards. Actually, I am failing as the world watches. By eternal standards, the failure is happening, it is necessary and like every thing else it will move me to where GOD wants me to be. See, I said my life is a miracle. Although things I hoped would’t happen again are. I have to trust that keeping on, keeping on will move me to the place I need to be.

I don’t like it at all in the temporal. I abhor it!!!! In the eternal, and that’s how I have to keep focused these days, I love it. I love an ABBA who makes all things good because he started a good work in me. I surrender right there and say oh my LORD, my precious darling Savior teach me and grow me.

I don’t know what you are facing today. I can tell you this you will follow your thinking. It is ok to be hurt, ok to even cry but don’t think for one minute GOD doesn’t love you and have a better plan than you can imagine. CLING to what is true and dismiss anything you don’t know to be true.  The verses are many I could provide here. The one that has been an anchor for me is Eph 3:20. I’m not going to quote it. I want you to look it up for your sake. I run to Him. I cling to HIM. I am under his wings.

Say Amen

This right here. #askmewhy this is why I keep going on. This is my faithful GOD who is able. I can’t do it alone but I don’t have to. I don’t have all the answers and at times life is painful but love anyway, hope anyway, give anyway and do the next right thing because for sure GOD will be faithful. He never promised me I’d be loved in this life except by him. I have had more than my share of sorrow but I have the love and devotion of a Father who lets me call him Abba who lets me cry out to him and who will give me a testimony from the test. I can’t lose. It’s always been all him anyway. Click here and celebrate that one day, one day we will be home. Don’t give up, finish your race, have the right motive and agree with GOD.  Say Amen

When are you going to live?

NOW is……….. NOW! stop waiting for pat answers, perfect people or perfect circumstances. Don’t count on your feelings to line up to do what you are called to do. Launch out and do it …… forget the things that want to weigh you down. LET THEM GO! They are not of GOD! HE said to race … racing is forward… upward … higher…. farther …. it leaps over your fear to your faith… put a lot of distance between your fear and your faith. The same JESUS that saves you keeps you and is cheering you on… stop living low and getting by… HOPE DREAM BELIEVE SING PRAISE RACE …. RUN RUN RUN and don’t stop until you are out of breath and life.