When life doesn't make sense

Life is not about me.

Although no amount you care changes much if the other person doesn’t care. People are not an experiment to fit into and out of my life. Since they matter to GOD they matter to me. So my role isn’t about giving up or giving in. It is about investing what I can in someone and leaving the results up to GOD. The very minute I see someone as a convenience or inconvenience, I have ceased to love them and instead have found a way to need them to bolster me. NOPE that’s not ministry. GOD is my bolster and my provider. I always need to be a light out and light in the darkness by pointing people to my Jesus. After all he is my light out and my light in. I don’t have all the answers. As a matter of fact I have more questions than answers these days. How can I be more light? How can I love more? How can I get out of my own way more? How can I serve a GOD who loves me passionately in a way that glorifies HIM more? Yeah, I know the medicine that got me well keeps me well and if you stick around I can walk toward Jesus with you. Dear Ones out there reading this. Don’t do life alone. GOD has a plan and wants his will for your life. 

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