When life doesn't make sense

Ha, who wants to see this gal climb in a window??? NOT ME

Ok, there’s a saying that is on my keychain. I am not a fan of this saying at all…. I am not sure it’s scriptural at all either… it’s funny how we just fall hook line and sinker for catch phrases and things.

Here’s the saying. When GOD closes a door he opens a window. ….

That sounds fuzzy and warm but really…. ISN’T OUR GOD  big enough to close one door and open another door??? I for one don’t want to climb in through a window for the will of GOD. I’d much rather enter in the door like a welcome guest. There were only 2 reasons growing up that you ever had to climb into a window. The first were that you were locked out and the second were that you were breaking in. Now.. I am positive GOD won’t treat me that way. I know it’s just a saying but it sparked confidence in my little old faint heart that we can just wait on that door to be opened and enter in as an invited guest to HIS will … vs climbing in (and that wouldn’t be pretty at my age) like a sneak thief…

One of the most tremendous unexpected treasures I have found in this life is the WORD of GOD. Unexpected?? Yeah that is a misnomer. All my life I have had a lot of head knowledge and have read bits and pieces of the word. I even have 3 degrees of which 2 are seminary degrees. Here’s the thing… once I really put myself under the influence of ….and…. had a relationship with the WORD of GOD. I realized that it was complete in it’s ability to keep everything I had committed to JESUS against the day I was living. I have yet to have anything come into or pass through my life that isn’t covered in the WORD of God. I never leave it’s pages feeling endlessness or emptiness. What an unexpected power and treasure it is…. but oh wait… of course it is! God says he values his word above his name. What good is your name if you don’t keep your word. Awww GOD is so precious. 


OK now for the verse. … 

REV 3:8 8 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

Yes, I am tired and have waited a long time for the answer…… but 🙂 when that door opens…. look out this gal is running through it.

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