When life doesn't make sense

No easy way to die- to ME

Lots to think about this weekend. A Good Friday that redefines the word good. Hope that seemed lost on a Saturday of perplexing sorrow for the followers who saw the stone rolled in front of the tomb and then………. Sunday …. HE’s ALIVE!!!!!!!…. 

Here’s the thing that came across my heart…. Even Jesus had to go to a cross and tomb and didn’t procure our Salvation easily or instantly. He took our sin and He had to conquer death. 

What death do you have to conquer to resurrect your spiritual life?… The death of a past filled with damage, of dreams filled with disillusion, of hope hung out on doubt and fear. Whatever is saying to you right now that it’s IMPOSSIBLE that you don’t matter enough and that NOTHING will ever “FIX” whatever is wrong. I am the poster child for that being Satan’s lie and your own self deception. My life is proof that you can’t sin too much, doubt too much, whine too much, have too low self esteem, or be too broken that GOD can’t restore, redeem, resurrect and radically raise you up to righteousness. NOT because of who I am but because of WHO HE IS!!! This gal had no hope, heart or hunger when he reached down and began in 2008 to change my mind and message. I was down for the count and waiting to die. NOW I see the reflection in the mirror and think …no it’s not quite there yet but one day I hope to see him fully….and none of me…. until then I keep looking and learning and growing ….. Dear ONE’s he’s alive so we can be alive… FULLY ALIVE!!! that’s a hallelujah right there. Revelation 12:11 (LOOK IT UP IN THE BOOK)

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  1. Joykeepin,
    I like your post and it’s good you continue to show up. The dark night of the soul carries a powerful message and lesson. I have found grace is always available if I get out of my own way.

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