When life doesn't make sense

The Good News is……….. more than Good!

The Christmas Scale

Sometimes in life the Good News is right under our fingertips. We try to play it our way instead of God’s way. GOD has already answered our prayers and we have everything we need right in front of us to know the steps to take into his amazing plan. Yet we doubt and get up and walk away. Only to repeat the lesson over and over until we get it. How long will we do this? Remember time with the Alpha and Omega is different than time with mere man. It will take as long as you let it take. It’s too important to God for you to grasp at it and receive it fully. He will let you practice over and over until you come to the end of yourself and the beginning of him. When we lay our burdens down and fully rest in the only One who can redeem our damage and pain. We realize who we are and gain true perspective. There’s no way to ever be whole apart from Christ. Why? Because we have a GOD who has laid out an infallible plan through the life and blood of Christ. The debt he paid was so high a ransom for our souls it demands complete allegiance, faithful following and full dependence on what Jesus did on the cross and what GOD intends to do for all those accepted in the beloved. God is committed to his plan to redeem man through Christ. Not just to redeem our souls, and that is a hallelujah right there. But to redeem our lives. To reach into eternity past and heal our wounds, to guide into eternity future to give us his life daily. We are stamped with a seal that not only guarantees the contents of our being but also shows ownership of our person. We are a loved priceless treasure of GOD. The angels rejoiced at his coming because they knew. They knew that all the chaos Satan had planned for the lives of man. Wretched man who had by his free will chosen to set himself at odds with the Creator just as Lucifer was at odds with him. The angels who rejoiced at the birth of Christ knew the Holy Spirit was going to bring order to life. They rejoiced to know that the Hope of Glory would never diminish a man but would always by his character establish a man’s heart with joy and peace. That GOD would bring soundness of mind and grace beyond what we can comprehend. So that we would know that we know that God is in control and even one level higher than that knowledge is the glorious fact. GOD has a plan for our good and his glory. Keeping our heart clean, eye’s open and hands empty for God to fill is the key to never having to say. “I just don’t know what God wants.” Yes the waves can crash and the thunder roar, but the mighty hand of GOD still holds all things together. Hallelujah, what a praise in the storm he can bring to a surrendered life.

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