When life doesn't make sense

Say Amen

This right here. #askmewhy this is why I keep going on. This is my faithful GOD who is able. I can’t do it alone but I don’t have to. I don’t have all the answers and at times life is painful but love anyway, hope anyway, give anyway and do the next right thing because for sure GOD will be faithful. He never promised me I’d be loved in this life except by him. I have had more than my share of sorrow but I have the love and devotion of a Father who lets me call him Abba who lets me cry out to him and who will give me a testimony from the test. I can’t lose. It’s always been all him anyway. Click here and celebrate that one day, one day we will be home. Don’t give up, finish your race, have the right motive and agree with GOD.  Say Amen

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