When life doesn't make sense

My Good Father

Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin


Everything I learned can be summed up to what caressed me today from God’s Word…. Listen to my Father speak to me …. Debra I called you by name, before you were born I planned for you, I decided to love you before the world was made, I am a Father who can’t lie or leave and I give good gifts to my children, I have given you a hope and future and strengthened you with my words so you can remember my goodness and favor. You are my beloved and I adore you! My heart for you is joy which is your strength. I will guide your feet and keep your heart from falling. Abba…. Knowing this is God’s plan for me …. I totally surrender to his love and light…. I can’t go wrong this way, I have all I need and nothing to fear… If nothing else happens good in my circumstances I can shout from the rooftops he is faithful and forgets not his own. God’s love is such a force and overwhelming stream. Oh that we would be underwhelmed by fear and overwhelmed by this amazing LOVE that can never fail. What a glorious journey GOD has prepared for us…. lets walk in it.

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