When life doesn't make sense

Please send your hypocrites and damaged people to my church so we can love them.

Please send all of your hypocrites (lost people who go to church)  or perceived hypocrites (people who do not live like they are Christians but are saved)  and damaged people to my church…. We want to help them meet Jesus and get back in their race. We are willing to take them flaws and all and watch them stumble a few times. We have a PhD in bandaging bloody spiritual knees. We have all been there and we will give them a steady diet of the Word until it becomes part of them. You are what you eat you know….

Disclaimer: My church is full of imperfect people saved by a perfect God and we are all going to raise our hands and say none of us are all we should be but we are lovingly racing to win the prize.

I saw a Facebook post that said “I would rather be an honest sinner, than a lying hypocrite” Facebook is a strange little place. On the surface sayings can seem so harmless but the truth is some things people call good are not even closely Biblical.

The truth is “an honest sinner” without Christ is going to hell. We should all be sad and terrified for them. A lying hypocrite with Christ is going to heaven. I know that sounds contradictory but the dividing line is Christ. So even if you don’t want to fellowship at church with lying hypocrites you can be sure you will have to fellowship with honest sinners in hell if you are not saved.

I am not coming down hard on anyone but I have heard the excuse about not going to church because of hypocrites all my life and that begs the question!!!!

Why would anyone jeopardize a close intimate relationship with God and a future eternity with Him based on someone else’s bad relationship with Him? Grant it Christians miss the mark sometimes, many times but they can’t ever be my excuse for missing it.

Would you want to stand before God and say?

“Lord I would have fellowshipped with the rest of the believers at church as you commanded if only that hypocrite wasn’t welcome there.”

God gave the Word to people in Jeremiah’s day in Jeremiah 36 because “it may be” that some would get their heart right. There’s no better place than church for a hypocrite. Church isn’t about us or about a singled out time for worship and spiritual feeding. We go to church to encourage other believers and to be light so some can be saved and others get back in their race. Some are light to me who by experience and maturity have walked already where my life is headed. I am light to others who are behind me in their race and growing. We are all sinners saved by grace and walking at different levels.

We can surely worship God at church and be fed. Our intimacy with God is going to take more than a few hours a week at church. Intimacy can not rest on the preacher or Sunday school teacher. It’s going to take an intentional daily walk with him. In my case moment by moment walk because I have to stay that close to the Shepherd. What may look like a hypocrite to some may just be someone who is struggling deeply. Have mercy! Sure there are hypocrites and I think we all would have to humbly say we qualify on some level as one if we microscope our lives. Hypocrites don’t bother me in the least because I am not responsible for their life or walk. I am not responsible to be more than a light to them and love them. It’s God’s business to call and draw them to him. Who is going to love them if we don’t?

But God commendeth his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Yet we are called to be Christ like are we not? We have to see a soul first and not an undesirable person in everyone we meet. Believe it our not there are times I am not desirable. No kidding! The list of people who don’t believe in me and who think I am a hypocrite is long. No one can really know my heart and that’s were we fail when we try to think we can know someone’s heart.

I have never looked at anyone and thought “what a hypocrite” I guess I know what rock bottom looks like too well and know the struggle in life too well to judge anyone’s heart.  God asks us not to do that and it keeps me from heartache when I am not treated as I should be. Don’t take someone else’s sin personally. I have been lied too, lied about, left behind and treated every way you can imagine by those who name the name of Christ. It may surprise me until I remember this one thing. I have been so severely saved by amazing  undeserved Grace that I can only hope and pray someone else finds that Grace and is overwhelmed by it as I am. I would welcome all, even my enemies to know HIM!

Dear one if a hypocrite is keeping you from church and you want to just be an honest sinner I am here to tell you that CHRIST died so you can be free from being either. Turn your life over to him and let him do what nothing else can. Christ can make you accepted in the beloved.

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