When life doesn't make sense


Jesus He Loves ME (click here to play song)


I refuse to hate anyone.  Racism is a learned behavior. Protest and violence will not undo racism. Showing the world a better way, a more loving and peaceful way will. What does that look like? For me it looks like seeing a person instead of a label. Debra that is not possible you say. I want to be a voice that says it IS POSSIBLE. I taught my children all lives matter because Jesus by one self sacrificing action declared the ground level for all of us. He proved we all were lovable Romans 5:8. We all were loved before the foundation of the world enough to die for. I certainly won’t see another persons color before I see this. Jesus loves you and that makes you valuable to him and me. I love my Jesus and want to love what He loves. I just don’t care if you are purple, came from Mars or eat liver. Are you getting this? Those details do not matter to me. They never have. I have known some people since I was a little kid and one thing deeply embedded in my mind is this, I hope I have loved them all well in some way. I don’t care that our paths are different and that we may not see eye to eye on issues. My commission is to love them and show them that Jesus loves them too. We are not seeing an American problem we are seeing a heart problem. We have to unlearn this hateful darkness and replace it with the only thing makes sense, loving light. That light is the truth that all men are created by God who decided to love them regardless of them loving him back. We have to use their weapons of destruction i.e. social media and biased untrue reporting of facts and change them into plowshares. Use your voice to spread love, to humble yourself and pray. See America is a nation that is made up of individuals who make decisions that lead us down a path. If the majority of those people would seek God who is love and share that love to the world and humble themselves and say I am wrong there is a better way. Our land would heal. It would be nothing short of a miracle. I know we are in the last days and so much of this is in motion but am I going to cower and throw up my hands. NO! Here’s the feet I am putting to my words. When I am in public I am going to hug a policeman and thank them. I will talk to people and say “hi how are you” in stores and places that I meet strangers. I am going to risk being vulnerable and loving vs scared and tolerating. I never have been good at tolerating anything and doing that with people is hateful. I am going to hold doors open for people behind me and let people standing in long lines ahead of me if they are wrangling small children or have just a few items. I am going to watch for any way I can offer even the smallest gesture that says YOU ARE WORTHY to be loved to all I meet. We have to bring kindness back. I am not talking about being weak I am talking about being courageous. The path of least resistance is anger and aggression. The path to healing is love, light and compassion. It means being intentional in a right and good way. God said some having compassion making a difference. What will you do to unlearn hate today? If you want the good news about how this is possible. Contact me through this blog and I will be happy to tell you!

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