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By Laura  (2001) We’re on a team, and we must fight, For we have a calling to do what’s right, The Coach has faith, and He needs us, So don’t quit and bite the dust. Just remember players in the past, Who didn’t quit and had a blast. […]

Bitter? Me? *Shock Face*

I am here! I can’t believe it. I have let a root of bitterness settle in my life. I went to church today hoping to sing and lift my heart a little. It is Mother’s Day and the second one without my children. It’s been over 6 years […]

Movin’ On

Rascal Flatts wrote this song somehow I identify with it in some ways. This isn’t the yippeee yi yo springboard I envisioned to declare my life back but it is poignant somehow to say some things in my heart. Parts I don’t agree with at all but overall […]

God in a box?

From learning and first hand witness I have understood that Catholics believe God is in a certain box until he becomes flesh during the Eucharistic ceremony. Hearing it and witnessing it is unbelievable. This belief is a matter of contention among Christendom. God in a box? Well before […]

Awakened Dreamer

Ever feel this way? I have no value in this life which I finally understand. No one loves me enough to love me forever except God. I resign to that fact and cease my quest for love. I have awakened from one bad dream to the next to […]

Learning to Walk

(still working on this one not complete) I don’t remember learning to walk or talk but I do remember watching my girls learn both. They would look at me and try to take that step. Sometimes I would reach out and hold their little hand that would grip […]

The Reckoning

(note this was written for a loved one but there have been times it applied to me, nothing to hide) The depths of my soul were in despair I framed excuses for my life everywhere It`s not very hard if you`ll look you`ll see My life is just […]

Joy Keepin’

As my life began to unravel, and my heart began to break. Things were changing fast around me, and my soul began to shake. The hurt over ran all reason, and my eyes began their weeping. My father in His loving care, taught me joy keeping. Many things […]

Yikes, Elijah!

Elijah Syndrome, lol. I thought the name was original with me. A quick web search proved me wrong but I am going to share this with you in that vein. I have been studying alot lately. I enjoy learning many things. One recent wow moment was when I […]