When life doesn't make sense

It’s ok to say, that’s enough!

Although my life is now a deeply increasing desire to walk with the LORD and know Him more intimately the demands of life are real and present. I changed careers a little over two years ago to a very high pressure job. Daily bombarded with calls, orders, expectations, and demands leaves me sometimes very very drained. In order to make it through the day I call on the Lord quite often. Face it, when the chips are down that is where I lean. I can’t lean on people because they will let me down, and I can’t afford in my economy to be let down by humans as much anymore. It’s not fair to them to have high expectations and I can’t have my needs met by other folks who are not able to do so. Truly the One who loves you, knew you before you were born, who gave HIS life for you, is capable of meeting those needs.

That being said when I do express my limit I often find that folks size me up and say, no that isn’t what you mean when in reality it is exactly what I mean.  Folks, take people at their word. I wouldn’t say something stresses me if it didn’t or if I meant it’s ok continue to stress me. I woudln’t say not to talk about a topic if I meant go ahead and talk about it because I can handle it. It is very freeing to know your limits. Mine are that right now at this time in my life I have to get my work done, learn from my mistakes, and I have to concentrate on the task at hand. If anyone has read my post past and present on this blog they know I have struggled to get to a point I can say, don’t do that to me.  If I say it I mean it. Don’t STRESS me by stressing me …. encourage, uplift, point me toward focus on the Lord. Encourage don’t discourage. Folks, let your words be apples of gold in pictures of silver as the WORD says. Minister grace to the hearers. At any time we have power with our words to take down a precious soul GOD has already forgiven.

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