When life doesn't make sense

The Reckoning

(note this was written for a loved one but there have been times it applied to me, nothing to hide)

The depths of my soul were in despair

I framed excuses for my life everywhere

It`s not very hard if you`ll look you`ll see

My life is just not what GOD meant it to be

Wandering and drifting at every turn

Never making a change from lessons learned

Putting off the things that I should do

With the false idea that God will see me thru

Sure He can, He has has my heart,

But it`s so overwhelming, how do I start

I`ve been on the mountain and seen Him work  

Why am I whining and being a jerk

Cause it1s easier to give up from deep within,

Than to let Him work and overcome my sin

It`s easy to give in to my weak weary ways

Than to start redeeming the rest of my days

Just keep telling myself there`s too much to overcome

Look around at the chaos and get nothing done

Will this tortured and battered lifestyle ever end

Yes! The day I stop breathing as a slave to sin

How horrible the sound, there must be a better finish

Than to watch my dreams, soul, and spirit diminish

Sure there is, but I have to cry out loud

This is not for someone who is lofty and too proud

I must allow GOD to do what only

HE can And stop letting my life drift like grains of sand

Surrender and stop doing what I think is best

I will follow after GOD and truly be blessed

There is never a peace apart from His will

Either I make the change or keep doing the drill!

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