The Reckoning

(note this was written for a loved one but there have been times it applied to me, nothing to hide)

The depths of my soul were in despair

I framed excuses for my life everywhere

It`s not very hard if you`ll look you`ll see

My life is just not what GOD meant it to be

Wandering and drifting at every turn

Never making a change from lessons learned

Putting off the things that I should do

With the false idea that God will see me thru

Sure He can, He has has my heart,

But it`s so overwhelming, how do I start

I`ve been on the mountain and seen Him work  

Why am I whining and being a jerk

Cause it1s easier to give up from deep within,

Than to let Him work and overcome my sin

It`s easy to give in to my weak weary ways

Than to start redeeming the rest of my days

Just keep telling myself there`s too much to overcome

Look around at the chaos and get nothing done

Will this tortured and battered lifestyle ever end

Yes! The day I stop breathing as a slave to sin

How horrible the sound, there must be a better finish

Than to watch my dreams, soul, and spirit diminish

Sure there is, but I have to cry out loud

This is not for someone who is lofty and too proud

I must allow GOD to do what only

HE can And stop letting my life drift like grains of sand

Surrender and stop doing what I think is best

I will follow after GOD and truly be blessed

There is never a peace apart from His will

Either I make the change or keep doing the drill!

Joy Keepin’

As my life began to unravel, and my heart began to break.
Things were changing fast around me, and my soul began to shake.
The hurt over ran all reason, and my eyes began their weeping.
My father in His loving care, taught me joy keeping.
Many things I can never change in this journey now so hard.
So much damage was brought our way, as choices left their scars.
Two little lights once innocent, now know new hurt and pain.
What should’ve been a precious love, has now become a drain.
I kiss the tears and share the loss, as best a mom can do.
I share the blessed belief I have, that GOD will see us through.
When sorrow mounts and overwhelms, and trouble comes a creeping,
We hit our knees and pray out loud, ‘cause were joy keeping.
It’s all very simple you see, based on child like trust.
My Father wants the best for me, keeping joy is a must!