When life doesn't make sense

Pitching an ancient hissy fit. (nothing ever changes)

King Nebuchadnezzar was one walking talking self centered man. He has made an image to honor himself and was very indignant that anyone would refuse his command. In essence he just couldn’t believe anyone could refuse him. What pride he had. He offered three Hebrew children who had refused to bow another chance. They refused and had this wonderful answer. They basically answered that they didn’t even have to think about it. They were not going to bow whether God spare their lives or not. How many times do we bargain in our anger for an outcome? How much happier we would be if we could just trust God with the future. I am sure the king thought face to face these boys would back down. They were sure of God’s control of the situation and trusted him with the outcome. They knew one great fact, whatever happens you come out best if you chose God’s way in the final analysis. 

Well it wasn’t long before the King got word Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were not going to bow. His face literally fumed with anger and it was one sure predictable outcome, rage.  Often we wage war on everyone in our way when we are angry. The king went off the deep end. He had the furnace heated seven times hotter as if that would burn more. How irrational, fire burns flesh period. It appears he wanted the punishment to equal the anger he had in his heart. We have gone overboard over killing the action of another with bitter words and hurtful treatment. Sadly, we will act out toward a family member more quickly than anyone else.

Anger will foster revenge and that is possibly what Nebuchadnezzar might have been thinking. The “I’ll get you back for this,” mentality.

Once anger takes a strong hold in the way we deal with others, we take out all the scriptural ways God wants us to handle things and wade through the situation on raw feelings. Anger makes us an obstacle and a new facet to the problem. Now instead of one offense we have two.

A key principle of this study is that our heart will lie to us. Feelings are deceptive!  Imagine the scene, eyes glued on the three boys. They are thrown into a furnace that is so hot the men who tossed them are fried. Then, 3 boys are walking around in the fire but not alone. Here’s a thought provoking question, how did the king recognize the Son of God since He hadn’t been born yet? Have you ever been angry and God softened your heart? As quickly as the king became enraged he also calmed down. The power of God in taking care of the boys had basically been a wake up call to him. I am not sure if his actions were out of fear or respect.

Can you remember a time when you were in full-blown rage and you calmed down before disaster struck? Of course I am sure you can remember when the volcano blew and those around you were left in ruins. I know I can. Bless everyone’s heart who had to deal with me. Anger takes advantage of us in that it makes us focus on our insecurities and fears. When we choose the path of anger we are like a ship without a sail. Any port is fair game. Unfortunately, our families suffer while we are drifting.

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  1. What a wonderful lesson, Joy! The parallels between the King and our daily lives were well-presented. Thanks for the post!

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