When life doesn't make sense


Overcome Back Story

Every single day we are writing our testimony, the story or our love relationship with GOD and the things the world does to try to stop us. Sometimes the world wins, or at least sometimes for me it does. BUT and that’s the power of the CROSS… but GOD always wins. No matter how frail I can be GOD is not frail. And my testimony to date is “she persisted.” This lamb always goes back to what HE did for me, to what GOD is to me, and to what Jesus is in me. Why would we expect it not to be messy? Our salvation came through a bloody messy cross and glorious resurrection. IN ONE WEEK that changed the future, the disciples saw their perfect HOPE hang on a tree and die in shame and rise again in victory. In one week it all changed. SO I cling to that hope, to that grace that what I am going through is just a hard week and that JESUS is coming back for me and that I can overcome by his blood. That WEEK trumps all my weeks, all my seasons and all my years. I stand on the promise and have to say to Satan, not this girl, not this day not even this week. I am God’s child and you can’t have me. To my Father I ask, “ABBA I am yours and you are mine, protect me and lead me because I can’t lead myself. “I run to him. There’s no where else to go. HE has the WORDS of LIFE and I want to live the life he prepared for me. SO there it is. You have to trust is something bigger than yourself, GOD.

Overcome Song. Click here and rest in what GOD can do.

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