When life doesn't make sense

I have no where else to go.

Under His Wings by the Ruppes

You could look back at my life from 2 different viewpoints. If you look at it from the perspective of what the world would say about it. You’d say what a mess. How did all that happen to one person? If you look at it from an eternal perspective you would say, wow every step of the way GOD was teaching her and helping her see what she couldn’t. Here’s the quick of it all. My being here is a miracle. I don’t have it all figured out and it is not easy to live in my shoes but two things I have learned. When I make mistakes or bad choices I am not forsaken. I am tracked by GOD who loves me infinitely, most of the time in spite of me.

I know there are only two things that have saved my life this far. The first is the powerful, complete and soul satisfying Word of God. It tells me what I need to hear and what I don’t want to hear concerning me. It tells me the truth when the world will lie to me to keep me stuck. The other is the fact that I refuse to give up on God’s promise.  I said a long time ago and I say it still. Not this girl, not this day. I am not giving up on the promises of GOD. I am not giving up on what I can’t see.

That’s where we bog down, we want to see it to believe it. I have seen so many times GOD has been reliable, faithful and true there’s no need to see it. I just walk toward it in faith. The promise is all I have until Heaven and I am staking my life on it.  If you can see it you don’t need faith for it.

My life isn’t even in the shadow of where I’d like it to be by temporal standards. Actually, I am failing as the world watches. By eternal standards, the failure is happening, it is necessary and like every thing else it will move me to where GOD wants me to be. See, I said my life is a miracle. Although things I hoped would’t happen again are. I have to trust that keeping on, keeping on will move me to the place I need to be.

I don’t like it at all in the temporal. I abhor it!!!! In the eternal, and that’s how I have to keep focused these days, I love it. I love an ABBA who makes all things good because he started a good work in me. I surrender right there and say oh my LORD, my precious darling Savior teach me and grow me.

I don’t know what you are facing today. I can tell you this you will follow your thinking. It is ok to be hurt, ok to even cry but don’t think for one minute GOD doesn’t love you and have a better plan than you can imagine. CLING to what is true and dismiss anything you don’t know to be true.  The verses are many I could provide here. The one that has been an anchor for me is Eph 3:20. I’m not going to quote it. I want you to look it up for your sake. I run to Him. I cling to HIM. I am under his wings.

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