When life doesn't make sense

I have it all!


LIE of the devil, “you can make up for the lost time in life.” STOP that thinking. YOU can only create a new past and new future from right now. This moment in time. Yesterday is gone, you can go back there only one way, in your mind. Do you know how detrimental that is to your life? It destroys your ability to focus. Would’ve, should’ve, could’ve. I have said them all. I have wasted years at a time thinking “IF”

Here’s the problem, the action doesn’t take place in the mind, it takes place in the follow through. So if I want my actions to be right my heart needs to be right and my thinking needs to be toward the direction I am heading not the direction I fear. This means I am already there in my mind. I am not talking about hocus pocus or sheer will. I am talking about believing the promises of GOD that are mine, believing that he is faithful and true. I am talking about seeing my body healthy, my marriage strong and my life impactful because he called me to those things.

He said he would finish the good work in me. He said he would start a new thing and complete it. He said I was loveable at my worst. He said I could do all things through Christ. So I won’t sit here and feel sorry for me. I have it all. I have Christ. I won’t give up on what he promised me. I already have it because he promised. It won’t matter what happens because I am a child of the king.

My Abba Father knows my name, knows where I am and I can’t hide from him if I wanted to. He promised not to let go of me. He said he would open doors no man can shut and shut doors no man can open. SO I won’t stand in the doorway because I am all in. He can shut everything he wants to, I am his. He can open anything he wants to I am his and I will go through.

I believe my GOD is more powerful than anything I can imagine and he promised to do more than I can imagine. He’s called me to obey and trust his everlasting love and life for me. Having done everything I know to do, I stand right there. IF GOD is for me, who can be against me? With that, I will sleep.

He said he would sing over me and I love his sweet voice. The voice of the one who will accept me in the beloved. I have volumes of words he’s said on my behalf to help me live. It is humbling to know I can’t do it without him and exciting at the same time. It’s humbling to know how frail I am and how he can take my mess and make it something beautiful. What a relief! It was all planned and my steps are ordered. HOW free is that?

Challenge. Find Bible verses to support everything I have said. This was written from my Scripture memory. God’s Word is my life line for how to live.

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