When life doesn't make sense

Jesus stooped to write in the sand…..

Jn 8:1-11

Look at Jesus stooping to write in the sand. He was eye level with the woman caught in adultery.

He can write in your sand and stop the drama even if you are guilty.

He can send you on your way with a clean slate. Only the one who sees perfectly can sentence justly.

I want to emphasize this point He can write in your sand and stop the drama even if you are guilty.

Please understand this and wrap your head around the scene. This woman was caught in the very act of adultery. She was thrown in the middle of them in the temple where their motive was to trap Jesus. She was a pawn in a huge drama. She was more than likely physically naked and definitely spiritually naked. SHE WAS GUILTY.  The drama was intense and they were throwing her under the bus. They  demanded a verdict and they had her!!!  The sentence of death by stoning according to the law was her fate… but Jesus stooped right there and wrote in the sand. They kept clamouring and he raised himself up and said

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her….

He stooped to write in the sand again. One by one you heard it ….

Thump thump thump you could hear the stones hit the ground and from the eldest … to the youngest… the eldest knew they had been had  and were revealed and the younger followed as the drama began subsiding….  Here’s the point. Even when we are guilty … even when the world has seen our fall and God’s court has nailed us in our sin… …. Jesus can write in our sand and stop the drama and reveal everything. Let’s return to the story. They walked away and Jesus didn’t have to stoop a third time.   The woman was standing and the work had been done. Whatever he wrote in the sand had them and it had her…  It was enough for her to answer the question he had to ask.  Woman where are thine accusers? Hath no man condemned thee? She said NO Man LORD. She recognized that no man had condemned her and she called him LORD. Whatever he wrote changed her heart and she was not only standing there not condemned by man, but also not condemned by herself. It’s crucial we don’t condemn ourselves when Jesus says the words Neither do I condemn thee. And here’s the amazing part. HE sent her forward a victor when he said go and sin no more. Fully acknowledging her past life of sin and her future life free from sin.

We can all identify with this woman. A time when we did the unthinkable and we sunk to an all time low and felt condemned by God and man and there seemed to be no hope for a clean slate… but dear ones let Jesus show you what he has written in the sand …. Let it bring you to a place where the drama sin creates subsides and his forgiveness can overwhelm you with a clean slate. He will stoop even to your lowest time to write in your sand, end your drama even if you are guilty.

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