When life doesn't make sense

Walk With Me

Walk With Me The Ball Brothers  <<<click link for testimony and song

I have had the rare privilege of having a couple of seasons in my life walking with people who sharpened me. The Bible says, faithful are the wounds of a friend. I am blessed to have experienced someone honest enough with me to not only tell me the truth but to stand with me as I walked it out in obedience.  Sure some of God’s Word is much easier to obey than parts that require sacrifice. Jesus learned obedience by the things he suffered and we shouldn’t think we escape some of life’s hard lessons if God’s own Son suffered.

It is as much glorious as it is rigorous. There are things in my life that are much different than I expected. Expectations are always a problem for me. I seem to have a straight path in mind, a point “A” to “B” view of things. That is probably the part of my brain that leans toward math and science advancing ahead of wonderment and creativity. I have particularly enjoyed seeing God’s creativity in a whole new light the last two years. It has been an influence in connecting me to his imagination for my life. I know GOD has a purpose for my life but he also says he can imagine more than I can even think to ask him in Eph 3:20. The idea that I don’t have to figure it out or have a plan B has been so refreshing.

I love hearing the Ball Brothers sing the song Walk With Me and explain the rationale behind the song. You know two are better than one and a three fold cord is the strongest. In this day and age we need to have those honest people who help us see where the world, flesh or devil is trying to sway us. It is very subtile and cunning. I know I am thankful for my sister in the Lord and a brother in the Lord who tells me like it is. I can’t change other people or circumstances but I can always change my position and perspective.

This little lamb needs a Shepherd and is grateful for those who tend the sheep that tell me the truth. Without an eternal perspective right now, my life would be pretty dire. With it I can say, “walk with me, I am heading toward Jesus”

There’s no need to abandon the landmarks that have gotten me this far and I am sure my Lord will see me home.  Find someone today and tell them the honest truth. Share the love of God with someone today. Huge hugs, GOD does love you!

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    • In the LORD everything is always good. In the world we have sorrows, but there is coming a day brother when GOD will wipe away all tears. I can’t wait for that glorious time.

      • Thank you so much! One day I should give you a complete update… I have my health back…but my heart is still broken over no desired contact with my 4 kids (Sarah, Tim (Linda), Stephen (Sarah) and David (Amanda) and 8 grandkids. I am still learning very basic items regarding the love of God for me….(Still trying to figure out what is wrong with me…. that makes people I love reject me). Going to a baptist church in Laconia for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow. I am part of a Bible church here (I am in Nashua, NH…church is in Tyngsboro, Mass). God Bless you and yours! Psalm 92:1-2

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