When life doesn't make sense

The problem with time….

 The statement has been made that time heals all wounds. I know that adage is out there but I find it a false statement. The problem is that time will pass and as more life comes at us we certainly may bury something very deeply. True healing comes from God and not the passage of time.  God’s word says in Isaiah that we are healed by Jesus stripes. As a matter of fact if something in our past is still affecting us, it may very well not be in our past. If a trigger can set off the emotions of an event as if it just happened yesterday or if reliving something can bring those emotions to the surface, that is a clear sign the healing that needs to take place hasn’t.  If we are still carrying the guilt and shame there’s work to be done.  I have experienced times in my life where I thought something was healed because it didn’t bother me daily only to find that an event could occur to trigger the pain. Much like poking someone in a cut or bruise. When the fruit of a painful event breaks ground the only way to stop that fruit is to find the root.


To be honest, there are people who are afraid to search that deep for real answers so they carry around the shame and guilt because it is easier. It becomes a normal that they are comfortable with. I used to do that myself. I know some of you are saying “how dare I say this” but at the same time you realize that it is easier to carry around the burden than to be vulnerable enough to let it go and grow.   This is why Jesus came to set the captives free. Sin brings shame and guilt that traps us in the past and robs us of our future. Jesus died to set us free. I am so thankful the truth sets us free! Truth is like a precious treasure.  Nothing made a difference in my life until I sought God’s heart. Everything else was pointless because it did not answer my soul’s desire for intimacy.


Now hear me on this. I haven’t “arrived yet” either. I am still growing and learning all that GOD has set up in his Word.  His Word is there to map my journey and there to help me have a sound mind and heart. To have the heart and mind of GOD as I learn of him and grow in Him is what keeps me sound.  I have come along way by very humbling circumstances but there’s still more to learn I am sure. I have experienced times in my life where I thought something was healed because it didn’t bother me daily only to find that an event could occur to trigger the pain. Much like poking someone in a cut or bruise. Last summer I had such an event and was hurt very deeply by someone I trusted more than I had ever trusted anyone.


 I share here in this forum some of my experiences. My hope is that readers will see that this race of life is a process of steps that should lead to the throne of God. Our quest leads us many times to find knowledge but not true wisdom. We miss God’s heart in search of knowledge and find emptiness that Solomon spoke of.  Knowledge is very empty. I know tons of stuff but if I act in a way contrary to what I know I have turned truth into a lie. 


So, what do I do with these two days in June that stick in my memory? I stopped asking GOD why a long time ago.  I stopped reliving that nagging question,  What if I had of done something different? After some time and work I healed and learned that I couldn’t have done anything to change what happened after those days. I can’t control free will of someone. I learned that life is full of choices and choices have consequences. There are two ways in this life. The temporal way of the world based on our own knowledge and experience as we journey here. . The eternal way of GOD that is based on the truth of His Word and heart for us.   When we take the temporal way we look back and see where we evaded the heart of God. If we have a broken path we will journey broken unless we work to get our baggage unpacked and healing in its place. We seek his forgiveness and move forward with the truth that sets us free. We make things right if we can and if we can’t we still have to live out God’s will and purpose for our lives.  To do less keeps us stuck in the past carrying guilt and shame that even GOD wouldn’t place on us or expect us to carry.  So, today that fruit of hurt and pain do not rear their ugly head trying to take me back to the root. I do not understand those two days  and the events that followed them. I don’t have to understand.  I know GOD’s answer is that HE is faithful.  He will journey with me through his WORD and lead me safely home. Trust HIM today and remember he said in Isaiah that we are healed by HIS stripes.  

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