When life doesn't make sense

Did I sign up for this- NO you got it free.

Christianity is messy sometimes. Not surprising it went through a cross. I would love to paint daisy fields for you and wonderful scenery with tranquil settings. I can’t do that. When we enlisted we entered war. The world, flesh, and satan are all at odds with us. When we enlisted we took our broken lives and by the severe death of cross were enabled to exchange our sin for his grace. We handed him a plate of sin, hurt and pain that only a Savior who gave up an eternal aspect of his glory could save and heal. We got the beginning of freedom he got a scared and torn resurrected body. We got the Word to teach and free us and he got our broken sin stained messy lives. But here’s the thing. HE delights in us. We are a piece of his heart and he loves us passionately. Verses in the Bible says he plans and thinks of us. Once we handed him our life and as long as we surrender to him. We can be transformed. We can have a sound mind. God is not the author of confusion and he is the finisher of our faith. I am glad God works in our stuff and sorts where we can’t. I am glad that we are accountable in the body and that if we have something in our lives it gets revealed so it can be healed. I want that kind of heat on me because I am fallible and still have tons to learn. Dear ones stay in the fray and soldier up, put your armor on this is a battle. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and darkness. Seek him with all your heart, mind and soul. Messy yes, but glorious ……..far out exceeds the mess.


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