When life doesn't make sense

Who can find her? a tribute to women who have influenced me and goodbye to Melina

I have been more than blessed by some of the most godly women in my life. Women who stood in the gap and who loved anyway. One of those precious women went to be with the LORD today and it brought back memories of others who had walked before me in a way that made the impossible possible. I think of my grandmother Ruth who paved the way for me to know Jesus. I remember seeing tears gently flow down her face in church as she sang “Oh How I love Jesus” You almost understood without words that her hope and comfort were not in this life. This life had handed her hard circumstances and poverty. Yet you knew in that moment her heart was clearly tied straight with the heart of heaven as she sang of her hope deep within. I think of a teacher and co-laborer who loved her children dearly and loved GOD. She was the most unassuming woman I knew. She was steady and faithful to GOD’s business and she truly touched lives with a genuine love that many who were in her class can still remember. Debbie  was inspiring and would be the most surprised to have anyone write that about her. Her fifth grade class always remembered her long after graduation and into their adult lives. I think of Kim my sister in the LORD who survived college, babies and tons of school years teaching along side of me. She was never too busy to love and listen and weep with me over the breakup of my family. She always had words of wisdom and mercy when it seemed as if the world had dumped everything it could possibly throw on me. Melina went to be with the LORD today and I think of her precious affirmation of great confidence in GOD. I know she was thrown a curve ball with cancer and seemed to be totally out of the woods when something rose up that took her life in the most unexpected way. This is a time when life doesn’t’ make sense at all. My precious daughter was hurting and crying over such a great loss for Melina’s children.  Melina had been her rock during the divorce and was crucial in helping my daughter not walk away from her faith. Most answers to this kind of loss I could offer and to this kind of pain fail right now. But I want to say as much as I grieve over Melina’s death I have to also think about her virtue. Like all of the ladies I mentioned above there is one common thread. They were virtuous. Their desire to do what is right and to live the light of Christ before us has influenced so many for good and for GOD. I would not be where I am without my sisters in CHRIST who were strong when I was weak and who prayed when I needed to rest from praying. I thank GOD for them and hope some day to be like them and also to be the kind of light in someone else’s darkness as they are in mine. They are not forgotten.

Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies.

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  1. What a wonderful legacy to leave. To have had a positive, godly influence on someone else. We are all mentors, like it or not, realize it or not. One day as I was about finished with college I had an undergraduate student, who I had known since he was born, tell me something I needed to hear. He said, “When I was younger I wanted to be just like you.” I have never forgotten those words as they made me realize somewhere deep inside of me, someone is always watching, learning from my life. I have a choice. I can choose to be a godly mentor.

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