When life doesn't make sense

The power behind the mystery.

Send The Rain Prayer

We’re in a battle that started before we arrived here. It will be here when we die barring the Lord’s return. I know that on my own I can not battle. I found the key to victory.  In my mind prayer is how I confirm my orders (God’s Word). It is where I confirm my arsenal (God’s power) by trusting Him with what I can only know by His Word. I can trust it sigh unseen because of His Word.

Fervent prayer, not wish list praying. I’m talking prayers where I acknowledge how wrong I am and how right and powerful God is. Prayer where I specifically call out to God to open cold dark places and expose my heart and mind so that it is aware and alert to complacency, which leads to decline.

Prayer where I relentlessly fall into the skillful hands  of the triune Godhead like a patient in an operating room. Where I acknowledge that I can’t do anything in the kingdom agenda for good and for God, without His unbridled participation.

Prayers that once prayed, are emboldened in my heart to know that I just came from the throne of grace where I received mercy instead of justice.

Prayer the only vehicle in my life that activates God’s intention for me as it understood by His Word.

Prayer A wonderful mystery  that partners God with me in a personal and identifiable way that glorifies Him.

As this battle has ramped up on the world’s stage I can only see two things that will keep me. Obedience and humility as I engage God in His Word and prayer. It’s my life line to Faith.

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