When life doesn't make sense

Mountain Ahead

Beautiful Heartbreak

I have a mountain ahead of me. It is partially created by me and by life. I have learned so much that it would take volumes to share. The main thing I want to say is that life after divorce is messy. The fall is hard. I have learned that nothing satisfies our soul’s need but God’s love, prayer and his Word. Humbly, I say this, there are people who crossed my path that I will be getting things right with. I haven’t forgotten.  I can’t control a lot of my life situation right now but I can go back and pay what is owed, in time I will. Jesus paid a debt for me that I didn’t owe. It’s humbling to be in a place where you can see your mistakes. It’s humbling to be in a holding pattern knowing only the grace of God will prevail in a way you can’t imagine, Eph 3:20. Hindsight is 2020 things to do I have plenty. I know this deep in my soul. I can’t fix everything, I can’t change the course of life and the future. I can live in the present doing the best I can to restore and be restored. One day this life will be over. The eternal perspective is that Heaven is my home, grace will carry me until all is revealed and one glorious day, my beautiful heartbreak will make sense when I see him face to face. I will trust what I can’t see right now. Live with purpose in His Word and on my knees. It is truly all in this life that answers my heart’s cry. Everything else is temporal and has always wanted more of me than I had to give.

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