Being Me is Not Easy

Sometimes being me isn’t easy lol.

I asked a question recently of some of you. Do you really love God and how do you know?

I pondered that with my finite brain for a few days and although this isn’t a definitive answer I do believe it approaches the subject.

My first thoughts were about the power of words. I decided long ago in my teens that I wanted to be an encourager. I had grown up with so much negativity I didn’t want anyone to be reduced by my words. I know the power of words because I have been damaged by some things said to me.

God says so much about words.
A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Bridle the tongue
Iron sharpens iron
But exhort one another while it is called today.
Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you should answer every man.
Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only
There is safety in a multitude of counselors
Speak the truth in love

The list is much longer, but this will become a book instead of a little bit of sharing.

Here’s where my brain went with this.

Words are powerful
The Word was in the beginning, The Word and the Holy Spirit to interpret that Word, is what God left us until the end.

I know lately I have been greatly affected by words. I guess because I do try to be very careful what I say to others and I try to be careful how I treat everyone. I try to make sure what I am saying is something I can back up with my actions. I watch for that in other people too. I know we all fail sometimes.

There are many catch phrases in life, such as someone can’t make you happy, or sticks and stones blah, blah, blah, actions speak louder than words. I really don’t wholly accept these phrases because God admonishes us to be careful with our words. A person can with words hurt you. In 46 years I have been told and reinforced of all my short comings. Lol. I can long remember the hurtful things, and cherish the few nice things said to me.

Words do shape our courses just as the tongue is compared to the rudder of a ship. Such a little thing can steer our thoughts and actions. It is up to us to weigh and place value or power if you will into what others have said, but we are also responsible for what we say. Believe me ACTIONS do SPEAK. Remember conversation in the Bible is translated, manner of life, or if you will actions.

So where am I today? Well in light of some things said to me I would have to say I am being reinforced and trained at least by words I am hearing and have been even distracted with the message I have been receiving lately. I know we all say things we don’t mean, but a consistent message does get conveyed when it’s repeated. What message are we giving God if we truly love him? What message are we giving others if we love them?

Please think about it. I am saying this. You can tell by a persons words, how they feel about you, if they respect you, if they want you, if they value you, if they cherish you, if they love you, if they hate you, if they are annoyed with you, if you mean anything at all to them. You have to know that your words are a revelation to a person just as God’s words are a revelation to us. All of his intentions and longings and desires for us are in His written word.

People act on what they believe. What do you believe?

My well has been dry for a while and I can say hearing anything nice would be a drink of refreshing water.

God bless you all. Treat each other with charity.

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  1. It’s sad to know when people are mired in the depths of suffering.
    But I’m thankful – (glad would be the wrong word) – that there are others who are walking this lonely, well-trodden path as well.

    I’m not sure what the right words to write should be: (plattitudes maybe?) Perhaps only in the depths of despair – you really know your true self? OR – suffering is how God draws us closer?

    There is small comfort in knowing that every spiritual adept, (including the Perfect One), did not escape betrayal, rejection, despair and suffering.

    May God hold and keep you always…
    May you touch the face of Jesus.
    May you, in time, look back – and say:
    “I wouldn’t have had it any other way”

    You write beautifully – you are very talentled. Keep it up, please.

  2. It feels as though God is hiding from me and closing His ears not to hear my prayers of tears these days…..

    But I know He can and will show me some day that He’s been listening to all my outloud and quiet prayers and also been hurt and crying while I was hurt and crying.

    I believe He will give me the day of thankfulness for all this suffering and trial as I look back, because then all this tough time and hurt will be used for His kingdom and glory alone….

    Then I will sing him praises and give all the glory to Him and Him alone…

    But even if God leave me alone in this despair forever, I WILL still love Him and follow Him the rest of my life because of what He has already done for me on the cross 2000 years ago…

    I love you, LORD! You are my one and only true love!

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