Eternal Perspective

I own it!

God has allowed me a front row to his mercy and grace. I just wanted to briefly say here I don’t have all the answers but I know who does. I am so in awe of this Father who loves us in spite of our short comings, imperfections, sins and who sees fit to daily walk in our messes and unconditionally love us as a Father. I can’t exactly put words to my heart today but I would say grateful, thankful and humbled come to mind. I don’t deserve the blessings of such love but I am totally in awe that God’s character keeps it for me. “I know who I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto him against that day,” as the old song goes. Please understand as I say this with tears and an abandoned heart. I can’t comprehend the love of God deeply enough. Dear ones I want you to own it! Forget me I am just a gal who has an amazing God. The good thing about me isn’t me at all but HIM. See Jesus! He’s everything.

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  1. hi ms. debra — i hope you don’t mind that i read through your blog. it is clear that there has been a great deal in this life that has hurt you, that you’ve had times with heavy burdens and doubt, that lies and brokenness have stripped you down to your core. thank you for sharing honestly about those times, but also for sharing your heart that, when ripped to the core, sought out the Father. it’s gorgeous and encouraging to hear a battered heart say, “but I am the daughter of a KING.” because you ARE. i pray that He continues to whisper His daily mercies to you and continue your lifelong healing and sanctification; i pray that He continues to reveal to you how He will use pain from this life as part of your ministry to build His Kingdom and show the world His glory; i pray that you are being encouraged by the Spirit and your community to seek forward, live with abandon, and love deeply. i pray that the walls satan would have you keep in place to not let His love shine through you be ripped down with greater force than they went up with. darkness is powerful, but LIGHT always overtakes darkness.

    bless you, ms. debra.

    grace + love,

    • You are precious Mary Pat. I remember when I took your class to the zoo and you were so hurt the monkeys were in a cage and not free. Your words still show that amazing heart. Jesus came to set us free and I appreciate your posting and love seeing the amazing woman you have become. I am totally encouraged by them as I read them again today.

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